Tuesday, June 27, 2017

My Handmade Soap Creations!

Hello everyone, this is my very first blog post on my handmade soap making journey that I started some time ago.  It all started when I was watching some amazing soaping videos and could not believe how talented and beautiful some of these handmade soaps turned out. The love and hard work that people put into handmade items is sometimes taken for granted I think. However there are many people who would prefer handmade items over store bought any day of the week.

I watched more videos than I can count, purchased many books and googled many pages to gain as much knowledge as possible in regard to soap making and what it entails. I enjoyed every second of the knowledge that I was learning and decided it was time to see if I could make an actual piece of handmade soap that was good enough to actually use on my skin. I must add that I first tried my hand at melt and pour soap which is much easier for a beginner because the soap base is already made and then the process is to add fragrance and colour and whatever else you decide to do.

When I learned about having to use Lye to make soap, I must admit I was extremely nervous about the idea. So I made sure to take every precaution possible for example, Eye glass wear, Mask, Gloves and so on. Well to say the least I was excited to get started and see what I could create and I will post some picks below to show you some of my first handmade soaps. The very first soaps I made were Hot Process bars which are made with a crock.
The first soap is a fragrance called Home Sweet Home and had a cinnamon note to it, the second was a scent called Very Merry Cranberry which was so beautiful in my opinion and last but not least Goats Milk and Honey a very well known scent that many adore.

Now that I have shared some of my very first handmade soaps I will post a Cold Process soap to show you the difference in how far I have come to date. However the knowledge of learning still continues today! Here is my handmade soap with the scent Love Spell that I used to create this lovely design and piping of flowers on top for some added beauty.

Well that is just a little sneak peak into my soaping journey and I hope to share many more of these wonderful and creative bars of soap soon. 

Have a fantastic day! :)