Tuesday, November 21, 2017

My Handmade Soap After The Cut

It has been so very busy this holiday season which is why it has taken so very long for me to post. I had made an Apple N Spice soap that I seriously just loved creating and finally have the chance to share with everyone the cut and finished product.

So here is the the final product,
So this is what I ended up with and so very pleased with the final cut. I have so many fun soaps that I have created that I will share with everyone. I enjoy looking at all the soaps that people have created as their are so very many talented individuals out their and it also gives myself the motivation to give it my all and try my very best to make the best bar of soap that I can. Not only do I want to create a beautiful soap but I also put so much effort into a beautiful recipe that will make my skin feel silky and smooth. Until next time!

Have a fantastic day!!! :)