Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My Handmade Soap Fruit Surprise!

Handmade soap is amazing and I could make it every single day without hesitation. I simply cannot get enough of this wonderful craft, creating colourfully designed soaps that feel and smell beautiful. Knowing that I can maybe put a smile on someone's face with my handmade soap is such a great feeling of accomplishment and I simply love it.

I have a favourite silicone mold that I use to make soaps and it is rectangular in shape, I purchased this mold from a soaping company in the US called Nurture Soap. I purchase from three different companies and the other two are Candora and Canwax all wonderful soaping companies.

The best part of soap making is that you can choose exactly what goes into it, for example organic oils or butters, essential oils or fragrance oils, colorants, herbs or botanicals and so much more. There is a variety of options for molds as well such as, wooden, silicone, tray molds and so on.

My suggestion of course is first safety, so you want to research or take a soaping course and ensure you are taking all of the proper steps before you start soaping because if you are working with lye it can be dangerous so all cautions should be taken because of this. A few of the most common items would be gloves, eye wear, mask because you don't want to breath in that lye and something to ensure your body is covered like long sleeves, apron and so on. There are many more things to consider so I suggest looking into all the information out there.

After all your safety gear is set up you will then need all of your soaping supplies and that could be a very long or short list depending on what you intend to do. I will make a post with pictures in another blog to come to give a better idea of what I am talking about.

Then you will need to choose all of your oils, butters and ingredients that you have chosen to make your skin nourishing bar of soap. The whole process is something that I enjoy immensely and just love to do because it simply makes me happy. To see the end result of your creative hard work is just the icing on top.

This is the soap I recently made and will show you the end result in my next post.
So this is before the cut as I always wait two days before unmolding my soaps. Which is why I named this soap Fruit Surprise because I am very anxious to see the inside. 
Have a fantastic day! :)

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