Tuesday, September 5, 2017

My Handmade Apple N Spice Handmade Soap!

This is another wonderful scented soap that I just made today and it has notes of apple, cinnamon and clove. Again this fragrance had no acceleration issues at all, I had a long period of time to design and swirl and place the fantastic little apple embeds on top.

I love making the little embeds for designing soaps. I just think sometimes it's nice to have a little extra added fun and creativity when making the design. I enjoy taking the time to think about what I envision for the outcome of my soap bars however sometimes that is not always the case.

I really wish we had all the wonderful items here in Canada that are offered in the States because they have so many amazing products. Just to name a few their silicone slab molds are amazing, I purchased one from Nurture Soap and wanted to order another but it was out of stock. So that just goes to show just how fantastic the item is. I also really want to try Mad Micas because their mica colours look absolutely gorgeous. I do buy a lot of my products at a wonderful soap supply company called Candora and they are simply fantastic with every item I have ever purchased. I could go on and on when it comes to beautiful items used for soap making.

Ok so here is the handmade soap Apple N Spice I made today!
I am so very impatient when I have to wait to cut my soaps but I am positive all soap makers feel the same way I do lol. With that being said I will make sure to do another blog post of this soap after the cut. 
Have a fantastic day! :)

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