Tuesday, September 5, 2017

My Lemongrass Essential Oil Handmade Soap!

Hello everyone, I have been on a role making all of these handmade soaps for some Artisan shows coming up as some of you may already know. So I decided to make a soap with Lemongrass Essential Oil because I absolutely love this scent.

This fragrance worked wonderful with no acceleration and it gave me a lot of time to design some swirls and just have fun with it. I decided to add some calendula petals to the top of the soap just as an embellishment. I also added some poppy seeds to the lower half of the soap as well.

So I was anxious to see the outcome of my soap and had to patiently wait until I was able to cut the loaf to see the results. Here is what my handmade soap looked like after the cut!

I think that it turned out very nicely and sometimes simplicity is a wonderful look for a handmade soap!
Have a fantastic day! :)

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