Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Handmade Soap Idea

A fun idea for a child's handmade soap has so very many possibilities! There is always something new and exciting or popular that the children are talking about. So today I decided to try and create a cute little soap that kids can enjoy and also because unicorns seem to be the big rave right now.

You can see so many wonderful unicorn soaps and bath bombs of all kinds that so many artisans make. They are just simply amazing and the creativity that people come up with is just fantastic. So if you have an interest in handmade soaps search the internet for some facebook soaping groups or blogs they are just filled with talented artisans.

Hers is the handmade soap I created today!
I cannot wait to cut through this soap to see the design inside, if you know me and read my posts, it is one of the things in soap making that I really enjoy. I just love the creativity and the imagination side of soap making it really is a wonderful craft.

Well now that you have seen the before the cut photo I will post the end results when it is ready to be cut in a day or two.
Have a fantastic day! :)

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