Wednesday, January 10, 2018

My Handmade Soap After The Cut

Well I am pleasantly surprised with my Black Raspberry Vanilla handmade soap that I made a couple of days ago. I normally wait a day or two before cutting my soap just to ensure it is just right to cut and easy to remove from the mold as well.

This time when making my soap I decided to go a little less vibrant with the colours in the centre of the soap than I normally would, just to see what would come of it and I really was happy with the results.

So just to recap a little bit this fragrance works very well when making soap you have more than enough time to design or pipe without any worry. Sometimes fragrances can accelerate too quickly and that can be a problem when you are wanting to pipe or swirl in your design when soaping.

This is what I ended up with
Well that was the end result of my Black Raspberry Vanilla Soap! So until next time, which I'm sure won't be too long lol thanks for taking the time to stop by to take a quick look at my latest handmade soap.
Have a fantastic day! :)

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