Sunday, January 7, 2018

My First Handmade Soap For 2018

First let me start by saying I hope everyone has had an amazing start to the New Year! We had a wonderful holiday with family and friends and hoping for even brighter days ahead. 

I finally decided today was the day to make my first soap for 2018 and honestly had the hardest time deciding what I wanted to make because I have so many new fragrances. Well to say the least I went with a scent I have made before but just cannot seem get enough of. The scent I chose was Black Raspberry Vanilla simply because I love everything about it, the smell is wonderful and it is so easy to work with when making soap.

When I made this soap I had no real design in mind which is really not the norm for how I do things but I just thought to myself lets just see where this goes and had fun with it. I must say that I cannot wait to cut it because that is one of the steps in soap making that I enjoy most. So in a couple of days I will be sure to post the results of the freshly cut soap and hopefully it looks ok.

Here is the before look at the soap before the cut!
I decided to do a little piping and some raspberry embeds on the top of the soap to add a little fun. Well I hope everyone tunes in to see the final cut as soon as it is ready I will be sure to post.
Have a fantastic Day

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